Training Videos

The following training videos are provided to help wound care professionals understand how to operate the MolecuLight i:X device, its various capabilities (digital wound area measurement, detection of wounds containing elevated bacterial burden (>104 CFU/g), along with CSS), and its accessories.
Remember to refer to the MolecuLight User Manual for further material.

i:X Wound Imaging

STANDARD IMAGING with the MolecuLight i:X

FLUORESCENCE IMAGING with the MolecuLight i:X

Digital Wound Area Measurement

Using AUTO MODE for Digital Wound Area Measurement

Optimal Wound Sticker Placement

Using MANUAL MODE for Digital Wound Area Measurement

Manual WoundSticker Detection for Digital Wound Area Measurement

i:X Accessories

Using DarkDrape for Imaging of Wounds

Using the Sterile Sleeve with the i:X  Device*

Operating the i:X

How to use the MolecuLight i:X Imaging Device

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